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Vegetable Biryani

BIRYANI, the name itself tells us that its something rich and flavourful and exotic and aromatic and tradional and.....
It was long time i thought of trying it out, but was afraid of the last step, cooking on low flame(as i don't have oven) and burning it, BUT the crispy bottom ,which was the result of slow cooking, made me make it again and again after that...
Biryani was introduced in Indian via Mughal cuisine. The word Biryani is derived from the Persian word beryā(n) (بریان) which means "fried" or "roasted". Traditionally, biryani is layered in a heavy pot and heated through until the rice at the bottom becomes crispy and delicious And the flavour of all the spices penetrates into each n every grain of rice. Its not very easy to cook biryani, as firstly it do requires a whole lot of ingredients (each and every is important for the flavour it gives) and takes time to cook, but the final result is simply awesome.


1 1/2 cup basmati Rice
100 grams carrots
100 grams cauliflower
100 grams potato
More Veggie, like peas or beans
50 grams paneer
15 grams cashewnuts
15 grams Raisins
250 grams curds
40 grams fried onions
1 tbsp ginger garlic paste
3 green chilli
1 tsp kala jeera
40 gms mint leaves
40 gms Coriander leaves
5- 6 tbsp oil
A pinch of Saffron(soaked in milk)
1 tsp whole garam masala
1 tbsp hydrebadi biryani masala
Salt to taste


First wash and soak the rice for atleast 20 minutes. Boil water and cook the rice in open pan(with lots of water), and drain the water when its only 70% cooked.

Chop all the veggies into big pieces lengthwise.

Take a wide bottomed pan, add oil,then whole garam masala,saute it. Then add zeera,ginger garlic paste, vegetables and mix well and finally add salt. Cook on medium high flame till they are only half done.

Now add mint,coriander,chopped green chillies,biryani masala, half cup of curd and then add paneer.

Next take a biryani bowl (or a baking dish), layer half of the cooked vegetables and spread all over, add some more curd, mixed nuts (optional), salt, fried onions.Next layer half rice, repeat the same process again.

Finally pour the saffron mixture over it and sprinkle the remaining fried onions and coriander leaves. Cover with tight lid or foil, and either bake on a preheated oven for about 20-30 mins or even can cook on stove top on low flame covered for 10-20 minutes.

Serve hot with raita or any vegetable curry.

Whole garam masala: Can use ready mix or 2 inch cinnamon stick, 4 cardamom , 4 cloves, 2-3 bay leaves ,1 star arsine.
I didn't preferred deep fried onions , so before adding veggies added 2 sliced onions and cooked till done.

Sending this to JFI:Mint at Ashwini's place started by Mahanandi


sowmya said...

thats a delicious recipe..lovely tempting picture..

Parita said...

Wow thats one masaledar biryani..mouth watering :)

Prathibha said...

Yummy Biriyani...

rekhas kitchen said...

oh simply superb recipe and so color ful pic. yum yum yummy.

Pinky said...

Vegetables Biriyani looks yumm............really

Kalai said...

Yummy and colorful biryani!

Priya said...

Delicious Briyani of my all time favourite dish..Mouthwatering!

Vaishali said...

Who could resist such a delicious and healthy biryani? Bring it on!

Pooja said...

yummy biryani..

Varunavi said...

Yummy biryani

Kitchen Flavours said...

Ummmmmmmmmm.......looks yummylicious....

Neha said...

Thanx all for urs comments, this one is really masaledaar, with loads of veggies(so healthy too).

A2Z Vegetarian Cuisine said...

LOOKS YUMMY, healthy and tasty.

Ashwini said...

Looks vegetable biriyani...

Usha said...

Yummy biryani looks inviting !

Nithya said...

Nice dishes and lovely blog. First time to your space I really like it. I missed the mango masti.. I have a lot of dishes using mango in my blog too.. :(

Anyways will be following you from now.

Keep it going :)

Neha said...

Thanx nitiya for the lovely comments, :)

Deepti said...

hi neha, ur blog n its recipies r really inspiring...will surely try ur recipe.

Jude said...

Fragrant biryani is always fun to make even if it does take a bit more effort compared to other rice dishes. I also appreciate the etymology lesson :)

Ian and Sharon said...

That looks fantastic, I always have trouble making Biryani. Normally buy it from the Indian Take away but this looks so nice.

Will give it a try!!


Renjini said...

hi.... i made this with a lil difference while boiling the veggies.... that tasted toooo yummy... thanks a lot

Mamatha Reddy said...

very good and easy making
vegetable biryani recipe

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