Sunday, March 16

Events round ups

Here are some events Round Up

AFAM - A Fruit of A Month

AFAM - Apple
AFAM - Banana
AFAM - Coconut
AFAM - Dates
AFAM - Dry fruits
AFAM - Grapes
AFAM - Kumquats
AFAM - Lychee
AFAM - Mango
AFAM - Orange
AFAM - Papaya
AFAM - Peach
AFAM - Pears
AFAM - Pineapple
AFAM - Pomegranate
AFAM - Raspberry
AFAM - Strawberry
AFAM - Watermelon

A Worldly Epicurean's Delight
A.W.E.D. - Mexico
A.W.E.D: Middle Eastern Cusine
A.W.E.D. - Chinese
Chicken My Favorite
Create a Comic Book: Brinjal
Dosa Mela:
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4
Eat Healthy
Eat Healthy : Fight Diabetes --
Part 1, Part 2
Eat healthy Calcium Rich
Eat Healthy: Fiber Rich Food
Eat Healthy: Protein Rich
Eating With Season
Fortune Cooking Contest
Food Art: Mango Manthram
Frozen Yogurt
Fun 'n' Sun
Healthy Cooking
Kids Food Event
JFI - Jivha For Love
JFI: Onion
JFI: Garlic
JFI: Lime
JFI: Bell Peppers
JFI- Tamarind
MBP - Monthly Blogging Patrol
MBP: Soup & Salad
MBP-One Pot Wonders
MBP: Mixed Drinks
MBP: Street Food
MBP: Less is More
Microwave Easy Cooking
MEC: Sweet
MEC: Basic
MEC: Snacks
MEC: Side Dishes
MEC: Gravies
MEC: Tiffins
MEC: Greens
MEC: Rice
MEC: Steamed Dishes
MEC: Bottled Up
MEC: Soups / Stews!
Mixed Rice Varietes
MM - Monthly Mingle
MM: Comfort Food
MM: One Dish Dinner
MM: Spring Fruit Sensation
MM: Bollywood Cooking
MM: Appetizers
MM: Mango Mania
My Legume Love Affair
Ode To Potato
One Dish Meal: July
Think Spice: Cardamom
Potato Feast :
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
Rice Mela :
Part 1, Par 2, Part 3
2008 RCI Event List - Regional Cusinie of India
RCI: Gujrath
RCI- Bengal :
Part 1, Part 2
RCI: Rajasthan
RCI- North East Indian Cuisine
Roti Mela:
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
This Book Makes Me Cook
Travel Food Festival
Sandwich Festival
Summer Splash
SWC(Singapore Women Community).
SWC: Kashmir
SWC: Punjab
SWC: Gujrath
SWC: Uttar Pradesh
Sweet Series: Puran Poli & Sweet Roti
Sweet Series: Cool Desserts
Vegetable of Week
VoW: Bitter Gourd
VoW: Brinjal
VoW - JFI: Bell Peppers
VOW: Bottle Gourd
WBB - Weekend Breakfast Blogging
WBB: Microwave Food
WBB: Balanced Breakfast
WBB: Healthy Eats
WBB: Mango Madness
WBB: Express Breakfast
WBB July 08: Summer Feast
Whats Your Favourite (WYF): Juices and Icecreams
YRR - Your Recipe Rocks
YRR: May 08
YRR: June 08I'll go on updating it..


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