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SWC Maharashtra Roundup

Now here comes the roundup of SWC: Maharashtra. Thank you all for participating in the event.
Here's a nice collection of marathi recipes, of which some i have already tried during this month. Some are authentic recipes from ours marathi bloggers, n others are very succesful attempt by bloggers all over to get to know the marathi dishes, and which ofcourse, is the motive behind having these events.I would really like to thanx lakshmi to start it for Singapore Women Community.

I did categorized the entries as Snacks/Appetizers, Chat Food ,Main course, Dry veggies, Curries, Drinks, Salads and Chutneys and lastly Sweets. So just Enjoy....


Kanda Pohe by Sheetal of sweety-mykitchen

Pohe by Anupriya of myspace-mycreativity

Kanda pohe by Aditi of peepinmykitchen

Sabudana Vada (Sago fritters) by Sukanya Thalpati of Sukanya's Musings

Sabudana wadi by anupriya of myspace-mycreativity

Sabudana vada by Sheetal sweety-mytchen

Kothimbir-vadi by Sheetal of sweety-mykitchen

Alu wadi by anupriya of myspace-mycreativity

Phodnichi Poli, queen of leftovers, by Sireesha of Mom's Recipies

Kanda bhaji by Priyanka of Asankhana

Bakarwadi by Neha of Tasty Recipes

Dhirdi by Sheetal of sweety-mykitchen

Thali Peeth by Sheetal of sweety-mykitchen

Thalipeeth by Hemali , a non blogger recipe at the end.

Thalipeeth by Sireesha of Mom's Recipes

Sabudana Thalipeeth by Sheetal of sweety-mykitchen

Sabudana Khichdi by Deepthi Shankar of Vegetable Platter


Sev Usal by EC of Simple Indian Food

Paav Bhaaji by Anupriya of myspace-mycreativity

Batata Vada by Priyanka of Asankhana

Batata Vada by lakshmi of Cooking Station

Vada Pav by Sheetal of sweety-mykitchen


Bhakari by Anupriya of myspace-mycreativity

Poli by Sowmya of Creative Saga

Puran poli by Sheetal of sweety-mykitchen

Masale Bhat by Sheetal of sweety-mykitchen

Phodnicha bhaat by Nupur of Cinnamonhut


Vegetable Kolhapuri by Sireesha of Mom's recipies

Zunka by Anupriya of myspace-mycreativity

Alloo Bhaji by Priyanka of Asan Khana

Batatyache Bharit by Sheetal by sweety-mykitchen

Vaangi bharit by Sheetal by sweety-mykitchen

Flowerchi Bhaji by Priyanka of Asan Khana

Bombai Gojju by Lakshmi of Cooking Station

Sorakkai curry (Dudhi Bhaaji) by Vani of Illatharasi

Cauliflower Bhaji by Neha of Tasty Recipes


Bharla Vaang by Sheetal by sweety-mykitchen

Usal by Usha of Veg Inspirations

Solkadhi by Sheetal by sweety-mykitchen

Maharashtrian Kadhi by Anupriya of myspace-mycreativity

Kanda Batata Rasaa by Sheetal Sweety-mykitchen

Chakolya by Sheetal of Sweety-mykitchen

Katachi Aamati by Sireesha of Mom's recipies


Kairi panha by Sowmya of Creativesaga

Mattha by Neha of Tasty Recipes


Gajarchi Koshmibri by Priyanka of Asan Khana

Doodhichi koshimbir by Sheetal of Sweety-mykitchen

Tomato Onion Koshimbir by Anupriya of myspace-mycreativity

Techa by Hemali, recipe at the end

Mirchicha Chatka by Priyanka of Asan Khana

Carrot salad by Neha of Tasty Recipes


Sheera by Sireesha of Mom's recipies

And here's Hemali's recipes,


Ingredients :
1 cup: Whole wheat flour (atta)
1 cup: Bajra flour
1/2 cup: Rice flour
1/2 cup: Besan
1/2 tsp: Chilli powder
1/2 tsp: Turmeric (haldi)
1 tsp: Cumin powder
1 tsp: Dhania powder
Oil as required
Salt to taste

Method :
Mix the flours and roast lightly in a pan or a griddle.
Add chilli powder, salt, haldi, dhania powder and jeera powder.
Knead to a firm dough with the water.
Roll into thin rotis and cook over a tawa (griddle), smearing oil on both sides, till crisp.


Ingredients :
10-12 Green chillies
5-6 cloves of Garlic
2 tbsp roasted Peanuts

Method :
1) Remove the heads of chillies.
2) In a skillet, take 1/2 tsp Oil, and add chillies and garlic to it
3) Roast them uniformly on all sides till you see brown black spots over them
4) When done, pound these alongwith peanuts and salt as required using a mortar pestle (mixie will do, but mortar pestle works best)
5) Add a bit of oil while serving, and some salt(this will reduce the spiciness a bit).
6) Serve with bhakris!


Ingredients :
1/2 -3/4 cup gram flour
2 onions cut
5- 6 green chillies
Salt to taste

Heat oil in a pan and add mustard, jeera and green chillies and fry
Add cut onions, some water and cook the onions
Meanwhile mix gram flour in water and consistency should be that of buttermilk.
Add the above mix to the cooked onions, add salt.
Let boil for approximately 10 mins till desired consistency is reached and till raw taste of gram flour vanishes.
Serve hot with rotis/puris
Add more gram flour if desired consistency is not reached then and let boil.

After this huge roundup (50+ entries), i would specially like to thank Sheetal for sending more than a dozen recipes, and making the event a success. Next month's theme is SWC: Karnataka, and is being hosted by Sheetal . Previous round ups of SWC can be seen here,

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