Monday, September 7

Instant Mathura Peda or Milk peda

From last year. I started bringing Ganpati to our home. Its such a joy to welcome Bappa into our home, our lives and celebrate those days with him. Also its a wonderful opportunity to treat Bappa with all the sweet goodies which he loves ( we love :P) 

I was looking for some easy and quick recipes, so as I can made  them fresh for daily bhog. And then though of making this instant peda. Its just 3 simple ingredient and a 15 minute recipe.

Traditionally Peda is made by slowly simmering milk till it thickens and khoya is formed. And then its used to make peda. But it takes long and now with a buys lifestyle we don't have so much time or patience. So here comes a fast, easy and perfect recipe for making pedas


Khoya- 200 gms
Condensed milk -1/2 tin - 200 gms
Cardamon powder - 1/2 tsp
Chopped pistachios 1 tbsp


1. Defrost the khoya and let it come to room temperature, either by just letting it out for dew hours or can you microwave. Crumble it nicely or you can also chose to grate it for uniformity.
2. Add khoya in a pan. Just let it warm and then add milkmaid.
3. Cook in a slow flame stirring continuously . It will become sticky initially and then slowly start to thicken up
4. Once it starts leaving the side of pan( 7-10 minutes) , and becomes like a soft dough, add cardamon and take it out of the heat. Let it cool a bit
5. While its still warm grease your hands with ghee, make small balls and shape them as pedas (with a small dent in center ) 
6. Add chopped pistachios in center, pinch them in. 


1. Make sure to take dough out when still soft, it will harden a bit once its starts to cool.
2. Variations for chocolate peda : just sieve a bit of cocoa powder before making balls and mix well.
3. We can make this instant peda with milk powder and sugar as well. I will post the recipe soon

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