Sunday, March 16


Some Awards given by my fellow Bloggers, Thanx to all of you for visiting my blog and appreciating my efforts and being my friends in this blog world.

My first Award.
Rockin' Girl Blogger

Thanx Lakshmi, JZ

Yummy blog award

Thanx Sashree,Uma

Nice Matters Award

Thanx Sashree

Bloggers Friends Forever

Thanx Trupti
Zpremios Dardo 2008 Best Blog Darts Thinker

Thanx Sheetal
Just Nice Photos Award

Thanx Sheetal

Hard working blogger

Thanx malar of kitchentantra

Lemonade award

Thanx Sunanda of Sunanda's kitchen

Friends Award

Thanx Smitha

Great buddy award

Thanx Swapna

Good Chat Blog Award

Thanx Aparna Prabhu

You're a Sweet Award

Thanx Aparna Prabhu

I Love Your Blog Award
Thanx Hema, Aparna Prabhu , Priya Sriram ,Kiran, Aparna

U R a Super Duper Chef Award
Thanx Aparna Prabhu

One lovely blog award

Thanx Kiran, Aparna

Kreative Blogger award

Thanx Kiran, Aparna, Srimathi

Presentation Award

Thanx Prasu

360 degree foodie award

Thanx prasu
I Love reading, your blog Award
Thanx Prasu

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