Sunday, April 5

AFAM, Roundup.

Here comes a huge roudup of A Fruit A Month : Cucumber. I'm really overjoyed with the huge response. Thanx maheswari again, for letting me host one of my favourite fruit. Now i have lots of recipes, so as not to use cucumbers only in salads; but anything and everything, from main course to curries, pickels, smoothies or soup.
The cucumber is a natural diuretic which is used in the fitness world by bodybuilders and people trying to reduce their weight. So use externally for soothing your puffed eyes, or drink its juice to detoxify your body, its good for us. Or have it in so many different ways this summer and stay coooool.


1. Cucumber Soup by Aparna Prabhu of APS KITCHEN
2. Cold gazpacho soup by Neha of Tasty Recipes
3.Cucumber almond soup by A&N of Delectably Yours
4.Avacado and cucumber soup by Swapna of Cooking with swapna


1. Tomato cucumber Salad by Food fanatic of Food fanatic
2. Khamang kakdi by Sanika N of Spicy & Tangy.....Sweet & Yummy !!!!
3. Soya N Cucumber Chilly by Aparna of Aps Kitchen
4.Cucumber Avocado Fiesta Salsa by Asha of Foodie's Hope
5. Kisrawiyya by Jessica Voloudakis of Fearless Kitchen
6. Cucumber Salad with Peanuts by Apu of Annarasa -Essence of Food

7. Cucumber Salad by Ashwini of Nanna Adige
8. Oh ee mu chim by PJ of Seduce your tastebuds
9. Carrot cucumber tomato salad by Vidya Venky of vidyascreations
10. Som Tam Mia Noi by Miri of Peppermill
11. Cucumber Peanut summer salad by Neha of Tasty Recipes

Main course

1. Cucumber Paratha by Sanika N of Spicy & Tangy.....Sweet & Yummy !!!!
2. Cucumber Wheat Dosa by Trupti of Recipe Center
3. Cucumber Pepper Idli by Deepika of Less Sugar, Please
4. Kakdi thalpith by Preeti of Khaugiri
5.Vegetable rice by Kalva of Curry In Kadai


1.Cucumber Mustard Chutney by Deepika of Less Sugar, Please
2. Cucumber Dosa and Cucumber Chutney by Supriya of Queen of my kitchen
3. Cucumber chutney by prajusha of icookipsot
4. Tzaziki by Malini of Khana Khazana with Malini
5. Oi Sobaki by Shree of ShreeZ Experiments

Side dishes

1. Cucumber Raita by Bhawna Gupta of From My Palate
2. Cucumber raita by EC of Simple Indian food
3. Cucumber Yogurt Salad by Meera of enjoyindianfood
4. Spicy Cucumber Raita by Vidya of Delectable Vegetarian Recipes
5. Cucumber Sandwich by Madhumathi of Madhu's Food Journal
6. Cheese Veggie Sandwich by Rupali Jain of North Ki Rasoi Se...


1. Tamata-Dosakaya Curry by Lubna of Yummy Food
2. Dosakaya Pappu by Lubna of Yummy Food
3. Cucumber curry by Mahima of Olivesandbasil
4. Vellarikkai Puli Pachadi by Aparna of My Diverse Kitchen
5. Vellarikka Kichadi by Divya Kudua of Easycooking

6. Southekayi Majjige Huli by Sushma of Savi-Ruchi
7. Southekayi Koddel by Lakshmi of Cooking Station
8. Sowthekai Kairasa by Srividya of Vidya's Kitchen
9. Khamang Kakdi by Preeti of Khaugiri

Smoothies & Coolers

1 . Strawberry N Cucumber Shake by Priyasuresh of Priya's Easy N Tasty Recipes
2. Cucumber Popsicle by Priyasuresh of Priya's Easy N Tasty Recipes
3. Cucumber and mint cooler by rekha of plantainleaf
4. Cucumber Lemonade by Uma of Essence of Andhra

5. Cucumber kiwi cooler by Cham of Spice-club
6. Cucumber drink by Deepa Hari of Simple Home Cooking
7. Cucumber Coolers by Sweatha of TastyCurryLeaf
8. Cucumber Coolers by Sweatha of TastyCurryLeaf

I did tried not to miss any entry, but if i did so , please do remind me, so as i can update it correctly. Thanx you all again for your lovely entries...


Priya Sriram said...

I didn't expect to see so many lovely and wonderful entries for cucumber! Awesome round up Neha! :)

Saritha said...

Wow so many dishes...Wonderful round up.Will come back to check......

Unknown said...

nice roundup great job

Pooja said...

wonderful roundup neha...

Uma said...

Well organized round up Neha! Glad to be a part of it.

Cham said...

That is a cooling entries! Thank you for the round-up!

Neha said...

Thanx you all,u only made it succesful with urs innovativeness.... even i didn't expected so many varieties and entries for cucumber..

Malini Basu said...

Great job Neha! very innovative and well organized roundup.........

Unknown said...

I never ever knew you could do so much with cucumber.

Lovely roundup

Unknown said...

Neat round up,Neha..So many recipes with cucumber.All looks yumm!!

Priya Suresh said...

I didnt expect so many dishes with cucumber specially gravies n curries..really very innovative n great roundup Neha..

Asha said...

Loved creating a Cucumber salsa for you, great looking round up. Good job, thank you for taking time! :)

Vibaas said...

wow! great roundup and nice info on cucumbers. lots of new recipes for me to learn :)

Deepa Hari said...

Roundup looks great Neha.

Vidya said...

Awesome roundup Neha...did not know there can be so many varieties with cucumber...interesting! :)

lubnakarim06 said...

Wow simply rocking roundup. There are so many new things to learn......Three cheers for organising.

Trupti said...

lovely round up Neha. Waiting for ur entries for CFK: Rice event

Savi-Ruchi said...

loved preparing cucumber majjige huli for you, a lovely round up.

ARUNA said...

Hi Neha, nice information on Cucumber!!

EC said...

Nice roundup..thanks for the effort

Varsha Vipins said...

Thats a a great colorful roundup neha..:)

Priya Sriram said...

Hi Neha, I have shared an award with you in my blog.. Pls accept it :)

vandana rajesh said...

Didn't know there was so much possible with the cucumber. Great round up.

Aps Kitchen said...

Neha there r lots of awards waiting f blog.or u in my

dsdsds said...

Hi Neha,

Nice roundup..
Do check my blog for your "I love your blog" award


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