Friday, December 26

Home made Puri's for pani puri

Here is a street food that is wildly popular all over India although it might be called by different names; gol-gappa in Northen India, puchka in Bengal, and pani-puri in Maharashtra. The mere name of it makes me drool. We are so fond of it, but after coming to singapore,we really miss it a lot. Though here too we get Pani puri in resturants, but the real fun is having them in (so called unhygenic) road side carts only.
We tried the Haldiram's and other brands ready packs for it. But the problem was ,the puri's were a bit small and limited and sometimes oil smelled too.
So i thought better to try making them at home, one day before and have a heartful,the next day. So, here goes the puri's.


1 cup sooji (semolina)
1 tbsp maida
salt to taste


Take semolina, add salt to taste.
Add a little luke warm water(not much),maida and make a stiff dough
Knead the dough nicely for about 5 7 minutes,taking a few drops of oil in hand.
Let the dough stand for atleast 15 minutes.
Then roll the dough into very very thin sheets(as thin as possible) and cut into rounds with a cutter, or cap of any jars.
Lastly deep fry in low to medium flame.(do not hurry,else it wouldn't be crisp)
It puffs up nicely.
Let them cool fully and then can store in a airtight container.
Use them to serve pani poori.

1 cup sooji yielded about 50+ puri's for me. Mine all puri's puffed well, but wasn't as round as market ones, which is as i believe was because i had used blunt jar caps insted of a proper cutter. Though they nice to taste and very crisp to eat.
If some of your Puri's don't puff nicely, do not worry ,just make Papdi chat out of them and enjoy..

I'll post the recipe for pani ,its chutney as well as its stuffings soon.

UPDATE: Can check the whole spread here.


Alka said...

Hmm u know what.. in my lexicon, it is SINFUL to have panipuris without sharing them with me...and u my dear, had thus committed a sin now...he he he
No matter how many times i indulge in this mostttttt fav.- of- mine -streetfood,i always crave for more
And hey 57 minutes or u mean to say 5-7 minutes?

Uma said...

looks so delicious. yum!

jayasree said...

Wow, the puris have puffed up nicely. I follow a different recipe for making these. Seeing your pics, I am tempted to try ur version.

Unknown said...

They have come out really nice...i wanted to make since a long time..will try your way now..

vidhas said...

delicious puris. Gol kappa is my all time favourite.

Sapthanaa Vytheswaran said...

This is my hubby's all time fav passtime snack.. he stops where ever he finds a pani puri shop!!!!!!
Thanks for sharing the recipe!!!!!!

Neha said...

@alka, even i feel the same, if someone else is having them, n not me...hehe.. And yep its 5-7 minutes only..

Thanx Uma..:)

@jayashree, hey how u do make them?...,'ll ckeck ur blog if its there, n then try them.

@sowmya, make them n enjoy..

@vidhas,mine too, 'll post the pani n fillings too soon..

@ Abilashini, Just like me.. :)

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