Sunday, May 4

BlogRolls and a query...

Finally, i too joined the 2 blogrolls, Great cooks blogroll and The foodie blog roll.

My blog is in very amature stage, and i wish ,i could get feedbacks from all my visitors, about how they feel about it, my recipes, my snaps, and did they even tried any recipe??, or planning to try. As i mentioned earlier in one of my post , that the initial purpose of my making this blog was just to consolidate my recipes at a place, but now again, i have a long list of recipes from other blogs that i wanna try (now, that too scattered everywhere in my computer)...hehe.
Hopefully, soon i 'll be able to find some way, to manage them too... :)

One more thing, i wanna know, how much do u all spend in managing your blogspots??, I really see such nice blogs, so well managed, with such a nice and well written articles along with the recipes, that too, a lot are working ladies (unlike me, a housewife). I too wanna improve my blog to be well managed, with a lot of interesting recipes, but.. hey, that takes a hell lot of time. May be, i am a bit slow in my computer skills, that's why??,

Anyways, the main purpose of this post was the one posted in top, my 2 Blogrolls...

Happy blogging to all. :)


Kalai said...

Congrats on joining both blogrolls, Neha! :)

notyet100 said...

to edit the blog,..with pics and all..really reqquires lotz of time,,i usually doall this late night cause iammore relaxed that time,..

SMN said...

Congrats on joing the blogrools.. said...

Good morning!

Congratulations on joining the blogrolls.

As much as I love blogging, it is TIME CONSUMING and a LOT of HARD WORK. Before blogging, I occupied my time obsessing over the cleanliness of my home, managing household affairs and just hanging out with the kids. I was fine with my stay-at-home-Mom routine, too.

When I started, I never told myself I would treat it like a personal journal on the internet. That in itself is an oxymoron. No, I set out to accomplish a goal. I decided up front, I would be a Professional Blogger and SDR would be a dependable, professional, informative resource for busy families like my own.

My definition of a Professional Blogger: Someone with an entrepreneurial spirit, working to develop a system that can run on it's own and sustain itself for years, all the while, producing an income.

This person works a full time schedule with overtime, to provide a plethora of valuable content, learn and perfect how to market & promote their blog in no-spam/no solicitors networks, teach themselves internet marketing, web development, new software, and wonder how their blog pages look on a iPhone. All the while being informative, personal and entertaining and hold the attention and gain the trust of a devoted crowd of readers.

To truly persevere and become a professional blogger, one has to do it and love it without the money and without any readers. I cooked, photographed, blogged, studied blogging, writing day after day for four months before I ever had a reader. It took six months before I earned my first penny from Google Adsense. Literally, one penny.

So, you have to ask yourself why are you blogging and who is your audience?

If your doing it for a hobby and posting inconsistently, don't expect devoted readers. If your out to create a community and provide them with real resources they can use, then the readers will come and they will comment.

Keep up the hard work, it does pay off.

Your friend,
Jill McKeever

Pooja said...

Just a friendly advise Neha. you might find this blog posting and editing thing much addictive once yo u start concentrating on it.I think it happens almost all in intially, just keep the things you want to do in priority and do according otherwise there is no end to ti , and it may happen that you might unknowingly ignore other things of life. Just do one thing a day if you really want ot improve/add something to your blog and that eventually will lead to your desired result ,but be aware to keep the time limited for blogging. I used to spend 3-4 hours of more in earlier days of blogging , now I keep list of things with priority and spent limited time with it. I spend more time on blog hopping and posting if I am really not busy with other project / home/ shopping responsibility.
And I at least spare 1 hour on blog surfing of buddies and leaving note that make me manage these things too much.
Hope this will be helpful for you to decide. Take care. And feel free to ask anything that bother you about blogging :).

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