Friday, February 27

Boondi Raita

This is the easiest and quickest side dish , anyone can ever make. Boondi raita is one of the most traditional North Indian raitas, served on festivals and at traditional wedding .Raitas are usually salads in yoghurt, but this one has boondi in it. Boondies are small, round, crisply fried droplets made from gram flour and are easily available in indian stores. If not available can be made also at home(Though if feel its a bit tough...). For me, this raita is really easy to make, as i always have the Haldiram's 'Boondi' with me.


4-5 tbsp Boondi
1 cup Yoghurt
1 tsp Red Chilli Powder
1 tbsp roasted cumin Powder
1 tsp sugar
Coriander leaves Chopped 1 tbsp
Green chillies chopped 2-3
Black salt to taste


Soak boondi in 2 cups water for 5-10 mins
Squeeze water out gently or drain in a strainer. Keep aside
Beat together all the ingredients. It should be of a bit thick consistency.
Finally add boondi and mix well.
Garnish with a sprinkle of chilli powder and ground cumin.
Serve chilled as a side dish .


Adding a tsp of Chat Masala gives a nice new flavour to the raita.
You can directly add boondi to yoghurt, if you are in a hurry (though it'll reatain a bit oil then)
If yoghurt is too thick, add a water to thin it.
Raita can also be tempered. Heat 1 tsp. oil in a ladle, add mustard seeds, 6-7 curry leaves and 2-3 small, whole red chillies. When seeds splutter, pour over the raita.


Pooja said...

Nice post neha..Easy and handy recipe.....

Neha said...

Thanx pooja, this recipe is quick one n so were you.. :)

sriharivatsan said...

Looks very chilly Neha..I have never soaked it while preparing this raita..Will try this version next time..Tx for sharing..Wonderful click..

Chutneytales said...

Wonderful click..i love this raita :)

lubnakarim06 said...

Easy and simple recipes always tops my chart. This looks one of them. Looks yum.

Saritha said...

very quick raita by using haldiram's boondi, i make boondi at home and do this raita.

Asha said...

I love this raita with Pulao, so yum.Great post! :)

Alka said...

Always love to have my meal with some boondi raita,if not buttermilk.and i love to add some green chillies for that extra kick ;-)
Am drooling now,just wishing that i cud slurp some from here

Ashwini said...

Love this raitha with anything or by itself..Yumm

KonkaniBlogger said...

I love boondi raitha, I like to just eat it like a snack :D..

Deepthi Shankar said...

beautiful click .. I love Boondi raita as well said...

Hey neha,
loved your blog and I must say you are doing a great job. Will definitely follow your blog. Cheers!
My blog is just one month old.It's called Do visit when time permits:)

Uma said...

Don't give me a surprise look if I say I never tasted or made boondi raita :) Looks so yummy and easy to prepare Neha! Good recipe. Bookmarked. I'll make this one day and let you know.

Neha said...

@sriharivatsan, i do both the ways, sometimes just before serving, i make it, that time i even don't soak it..,just a bit oil content differs..

Thanx madhumati..

@Kitchen Flavours, mine too this is always there.

@varunavi, I felt that making boondi at home a bit difficult, my mom did sometimes,but i never tried.

Thanx Asha, i alos always do it with pulav..

@Alka, yep ,we too love green chillies a lot..,in everthing..

Neha said...

Me too Ashwini..

@Maya, is it, i never had it without pulav or puri..but as it is will also be gr8

Thanx Deesha..

Thanx smita for following, i'll too visit urs now..

@ Uma, I am REALLY surprised, u such a wonderful cook, never had this one before... U should definately make it, its so simple n tasty too..

AnuSriram said...

Looks lovely! Easy to make recipe.. Thanks for sharing!

Nis said...

looks delicious...can I make this ahead of time or will it get soggy? If I have dinner party in the evening, can I make this in the afternoon? Thanks!

Neha said...

@ Nis, sorry for late reply..
Yes, u can n should make it ahead of time n refrigerate, as its best served chilled, n boondi's are meant to be soft. If u worry u can soak boondi's n just add them before serving.

Amy said...

I made this and was surprised at the quantities of spices. It came out tasting of raw spice, even after using the entire container of yogurt and leaving in fridge overnight. I would not recommend this.

Neha said...

@ Amy, I am surprised as come it tasted raw?? As all the spices here, roasted cumin, red chilli and salt, are meant to be sprinkled on top at last in many dishes. No need to cook them.
I think ... u might have added coriander or may be curry pwd, instead of roasted cumin.. that's why it tasted of raw spices.
Do try it out again it tastes yummy..

Dr David said...

Hey thanx for this recepie i loved it.....:-)

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