Tuesday, June 30

Announcing CFK: Healthy Lunch Boxes

Finally this month i got the oppurtunity to host the event Cooking for Kids (CFK), a monthly event started by Sharmi @ Neivedyam. Sharmi wanted some time to get settled in her new home, and what i wanted was this oppurtunity to guest host this event . Seriously being a mom of 2 picky ,fuzzy eaters(5 yrs n 3 years ), and wanting them to have a proper balanced diet is really no joke.

Soon my kids too would start half day schools, and i would need a lots n lots of ideas to pack their lunch boxes. So, thought, why not have this as theme for July's edition of Cooking With Kids. When we were kids , we used to have whatever mom used to put in tiffin boxes, but now a days with so much junk food around, kids have gone so choosy, and we feel , how to somehow give them whatever healthy is possible.
So all you need is to cook something which goes as a healthy lunch box. It could be anything that can be packed and given to the kids for their lunch or snack time, and ofcourse is healthy.

Some simple guidelines for the event :

  • Make a vegetarian dish which can be packed in a tiffin in the month of July and post it in your blog before 31st July 2009. Eggs & Cheese are allowed.

  • Multiple entries are most welcome. You can also send from archieves, provided it should be properly updated and reposted. Posts should be linked back to the event's announcement post(this post) and Sharmi's blog.

  • Send the following details to neha.agrawal.2610(at)gmail(dot)com with the CFK: Healthy Lunch boxes as its subject line

  • Your Name
    Blog name
    Recipe Name
    Recipe URL
    A Photo of any size

  • The use of logo is optional, if you use good, if not then also good.:)

  • If you are a non-blogger and you wish to participate, send in the above details with the recipe. I will post them in the round up.
  • If you don't wanna post any recipe, but just some tips on how to pack lunch boxes for kids , that too is welcome.

Last date of this event is July 31st, 2009. So ,please all moms do share your yummy and healthy lunch boxes here with me, for all the other mom's to get benefit from.


Malini Basu said...

a gr8 event Neha...atleast I really think what to prepare for my kid to provide a balanced nutrition.....

chakhlere said...

Wow thats a Lovely Idea!!
Although I am not a mom yet, This looks fun!!
May be this will be useful for me in future!!
Count me in!

Sharmistha Guha said...

Great event....it's almost as if you've read my mind! In the last few days,I've written two posts on children's school tiffin !!!

Will surely participate

Padma said...

What a great event at the right time when school is going to start. This had been the talk in our chit chats - what to pack for kids in their lunch box... will send in my entry and will happily wait for the round up :)

Neha said...

Yep, this monday only my kid's school reopened, n he's insisting to have a tiffin with snacks(though still they needenot, as school provides with some snacks in between),And i really do't know what to put...hehe..

Sharmi said...

My best wishes to host the event with a very lovely heading! Very nice idea infact!! waiting to see lot many delicious kids recipes!!

Sharmistha Guha said...

Yesterday sent you a recipe...hope you received it.

Sharmistha Guha said...

Hi ! Sent you a recipe for this event yesterday....hope you've received it!

Chaya said...

This is a wonderful idea. I am a grandma and my married kids so not live in the same state so I am not sure, I can come up with anything but I will give it a try and if I do, you will be the first to know.

vidhas said...

Awesome event. Count me in!!!

Alka said...

Gosh i was about to announce this event, as even i feel so helpless deciding what to pack in lunchbox for my kid.
But now i can enjoy all the ideas, without working hard(i mean working on a roundup if i announced one)
Can't wait for the roundup...Loads of luck :-)

khaye said...

i really love all your post,,it really made my hungry...^_^...anyway, i am following your blog.if you have time please feel free to visit and follow my blog too... you might find some in there interesting...thanks...


D's World said...

Hey! Thanks for following my blog:)
Your blog looks amazing..and is also very useful and interesting:)
New recipes are always useful:)
Thanks for sharing:)

profits buzz said...

Looks yummy, however I am looking at those food, is it really suitable for kids?

Neha said...

Sorry all guys, wasn't able to respond to those who are sending me the yummy entries to the event, didn't had much time blogging nowadays, but i am getting them, and soon shall respond to all.Please do keep sending them..

Unknown said...

What a great idea. I hope you'll be posting some of the entries here! What fun!

Take Care!

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FewMinute Wonders said...

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