Wednesday, May 7

Missi Roti

Yesterday, when i made shahi gatte, along with it i made missi roti too. As i goes as a ideal comination along with pickel, onions(salad) and papad. In the rajasthani food we don't have much greens, which is a consequence of the climatic conditions of rajasthan ,and also its not as spicy as it looks.
So now can enjoy this missi roti.., for the recipe ,here it goes.....


150 gms Wheat flour
250 gms gram flour(Besan)
1 tsp Red chilly powder
1 tsp Dhaniya Powder (coriander)
3 tbsp Ghee (clarified butter)
1/2 tsp Jeera (cumin seeds)
1/2 tsp Kaala jeera(/ Kalaunji)or Nigella Seed
1/2 tsp Ajwain (carom seeds)
Salt to taste


Mix the wheat flour and besan together. Add oil, salt, red chilly powder, dhaniya, jeera, kala jeera and ajwain.
Mix well, make a stiff dough. Set aside for atleast 15 minutes.
Roll into small and thick rotis and roast as we do our normal rotis,but as its thick n meant to be crisp, roast over direct flame (low) for a longer duration.
Brush missi roti with melted ghee(lavishly).
Serve hot with Shahi Gatte.

Note: These rotis better to be eaten hot only, as once cold becomes a bit hard.
Also, i have seen that these rotis are made smaller in size like puris..

And also the missi roti is my 2nd entry for the event RCI rajasthan .

And now,

Wondering.. why this again ,

I'm reposting my Spinach paratha, so that it along with Missi roti ,goes as my entry for the roti mela event hosted by srivalli of cooking4allseasons.


Vanamala Hebbar said...

Looks missi roti good.

Kalai said...

Missi roti looks delicious, Neha! Interesting use of besan and it sounds like it would be divine eaten hot! :)

Unknown said...

The parathas looks soft n yummy

notyet100 said...


Neha said...

i just googled n updated kala jeera for u..:),can view the pic. in the link..

Bhawana said...

I am feeling hungry after seeing ur paratha n roti...

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