Thursday, June 19

Khasta Daal Kachori

I always loved to try some or the other snacks at home, And now i have a good reason to do them too...., The monthly events that take place in the blog world...:) I just browsed something for UP cuisine, and found that main dishes were mostly non vegetarian, so not for me..As par my browsing , what i came to know..

Indian food, especially food from Uttar Pradesh is similar to the cooking patterns of Middle East and Central Asia. Consisting of both non-vegetarian and vegetarian dishes, the most significant influence on this cuisine is Mughali, referencing the cooking techniques used by people back in the days of the Mughal Empire.

Now , what i made was Daal kachori. Earlier too i had posted Raj kachori, but now this is a bit different version. You can have these with Green Chutney ,Tamarind Chutney or any vegetable curry .The leftovers can be soaked in yogurt as a snack,and can be served as we did for Raj kachori as well.


2 Cups Whole wheat flour (Atta)
2 tbsp. Ghee
Salt to taste
Oil for frying

For the Filling :

½ Cup Moong Dhuli Daal (Split Green Gram)
1 tbsp. Ginger, finely chopped
2-3 Green chillies, finely chopped
A pinch of Asafoetida (Hing)
Salt to taste
½ tsp. Garam masala powder
1 tsp. red chilli powder
½ tsp. Amchur powder
½ tsp Coriander powder
¼ tsp Clove powder
½ tsp Cumin seeds slightly crushed
½ tsp Coriander seeds slightly crushed
½ tsp Fennel seeds, slightly crushed
2 tbsp Coriander leaves,chopped
1 tbsp. Oil


Make a not too soft dough(as for puri's) using flour, salt, ghee and water.Set aside for atleast half hour.

Wash and rinse the soaked Moong Dal.
Put moistened Dal in a blender, or a processor with minimum possible water. We want a coarse grind, not a fine paste. It should be grainy.
In a pan add oil and add asafoetida, ginger, chillies,all the seeds(cumin, coriander and fennel), salt, then add all dry powders. Saute for few seconds and add the daal. Cook on medium heat to get rid of moisture. The stuffing should be damp and not wet. It should form like a very stiff dough. Remove from heat and allow to cool.

Heat the sufficient oil in a kadai for frying kachoris.
Take the flour dough and divide it into even sized balls and roll into a small poori and put the filling in the center. Gather the edges and seal. Now again roll it like a poori. Make all kachoris in the same manner.
Now add the kachori to the heated oil and fry till golden and crisp
Drain on a paper to remove access oil and serve hot.

Don't use oil to substitute for Ghee. This will make the cover to be oily when fried.
Use only cold water to make dough. Warm or hot water will melt the shortening or ghee pre-maturely.
Instead of moong daal , you can use Urad or any another filling ,as per your taste.
The other spices can also be altered ,as per their regional cuisines and taste.
I'm sending this to SWC: UP Cuisine hosted by Nupur of Cinnamon hut.
And also to Sunday Snacks - Hot n Spicy at All Thingz Yummy!!


SMN said...

Kachoris look nice never tried it..

SpicyTasty said...

OMG This is my all time fav. Its been a very long time I tasted it. Thanks for sharing this wonderful recipe. I am sure gonna make it.

Kalai said...

Looks delicious, Neha! Nice one. :)

Anonymous said...

yummy ... i love khasta moong kachori; nice recipe

Unknown said...

Very nice recipe...:D

Mansi said...

they look great Neha! even I made these last week for the first time..yet to post the recipe:) I bet you had a nice time enjoying these with your tea!!

Unknown said...

This is the first time I visited your blog,you have a nice blog with good recipes,I especially liked your carrot cake made in a microwave,I have never tried a cake in a microwave!

Madhavi said...

wow great entry...khasta kachori is my fav, looks awesome Neha. Thanxxx for sharing!!!

Uma said...

delicious kachoris.

Cham said...

Looks yummy

Lakshmi said...

Thanks for participating dear. They look nice. I made dhuli moongdal kachoris too at home, they tasted real good.

Indian Khana said...

Umm..mouth watering...looks too gud

Anisheetu said...

Thanks for ur comments on my blog dear... These kachoris look very nice... your photography is also great... would like to hv some tips on that too... :)

Unknown said...

Hi Neha,

I tried Kachoris yesterday....and came out really well and yummy...the only mistake i did that my stuffing was less compared to the size of kachori :-)...all in all....TASTY...thank u for the receipe....

Neha said...

thanx nishi for ur comment, i'm glad u liked it..

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