Saturday, March 29

Raj Kachori


2 cups whole wheat flour,
1 cup suji(semolina),
1 cup besan(gram flour),
500ml Oil,
Salt to taste.

For the filling:
2 cups mix dals(split moong,moth,chana) soaked for 3-4 hours,
500gms potatoes, boiled, peeled and chopped,
500gms curd,
250gms Saltless Bhujiya(Sev),
250gms Mathri,
Black salt and plain salt as per taste,
1 tsp red chilli powder,
1 tsp roasted jeera powder(cumin powder),
Tamarind chutney as per taste.


In a mixing bowl, mix wheat flour, suji, besan and salt and knead a dough with little water(as for puri's) Heat oil in a kadhai, Roll out big n thick puris and fry at a low flame till the puris turn light golden brown in colour. These puris should be crisp and inflated. In another mixing bowl, mix all the dry ingredients of filling. At the time of serving, puncture each puri, fill it with the dry filling, top with yoghurt, chatni and masala. Sprinkle some bhujiya and serve.

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