Sunday, March 16

Besan Ladoo (gramflour dumplings)


3 cups gram flour
1/2 cup semolina (rava)
1/2 cup milk
2 cups sugar, powdered
1 cup ghee
1 tsp. cardamom powder
2 drops kewra or rose essence (optional)


Put ghee to warm in a heavy pan.
Add flour, rava, stirfry on lowflame, stirring continuously with a spatula.
This step takes time, so do not roast on high flame, end result will not be good.
When flour is golden brown and aroma exudes, take off fire.(as it gets cooked , it gets softer)wait a while,
Add milk,(stirring continously, else lumps may be formed ),if needed run in a mixie for a few seconds till well mixed.
Cool, add sugar, cardamom, essence , mix well.
Shape into laddoos of desired shape.
Cool completely, before storing in airtight container.

Time: 15-30 mins |


Unknown said...

hi neha!! this is reeya i live in ma ur reciepie was really really very gud it worked out very well

keep posting if anything new u make

wonderful job done by u

thx so much

Unknown said...

hi neha ur recipie was really too gud . i m learner but it worked so very well..... i can say only thx sooooo much and keep posting if anyhting new u make.

with love

Unknown said...

made them for the first time ,came out really gud .thanx

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