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Street Food : Pani Puri

Firstly, wishing all my readers and blogger friends a very Happy New Year 2009. Mostly everyone starts anything new with some sweet only. But for me ,its something spicy (as i don't have a sweet tooth). And my first post for this year is the one that i like the most, our Favourite Indian Chat Pani Poori.
Pani Puri or Puchka or Gol Guppa, is the best street food .This in one of the most popular chaat in India. The taste of Pani and the varoius fillings vary from region to region. Like in Gujrat ,you will get a little sweet, whearas in Kolkata we have them really spicy (tears should come out.. hehe).
Everybody has his/her own recipe for pani puri. But one that i will never forget is the pani puri cart near Madhavan park, Jayanagar, Bangalore.Once we had it there and we were so addicted to it , atleast twice we went to jayanagar, just to have them and come back.I really really miss it so much.
Making them at home really brings back all the memories..(I'm thinking and drooling...)
So here goes the recipe. One more thing,i couldn't take the snap nicely ,as my hubby was standing just behind me,and as soon as i clicked these 2.....they were gone.


About 40 50 puris’s(store bought or home made)

For the Pani:

3 cups water
1 cup fresh mint leaves
1/2 cup coriander leaves
4 5 green chilli
1 inch ginger(optional)
½ tsp of chilli powder
2 tbsp tamarind pulp
1 tsp black salt
1 tsp roasted cumin powder
1 tsp chaat masala powder
Salt to taste

For the filling:

a)1 cup boiled and mashed potatoes
1 tsp chilli powder
Salt to taste
c)Moong bean sprouts( Salted)
e)Copped onions...
And the list is endless, entirely depends upon yor taste buds.

For Date and Tamarind Chutney:

8 10 deseeded dates
2 tbsp tamarind pulp
1/4 cup jaggery
1 tsp red chilli powder
1 tsp cumin powder
Salt to taste


For Pani:

Grind together Mint leaves, Coriander Leaves, and Green chillies (also you can add about a inch ginger)in a grinder or hand grinder finely.
Mix all the ingredients for making pani along with this green mix, and cool it in refrigerator or add some ice to it.
Check for the taste and adjust the flavours as necessary.

For Chutney:
Grind all the ingredients, along with little water, to make a thick chutney.

For Filling:
Mix salt n red chilli in potatoes and set aside rest ingredients in separate bowls.

Serving the Puchka’s/Pani Puri’s:

Tap the Puri at the center(on the thin fragile side) lightly to make a small hole in it.
Stuff the puri with about 1 tbsp of the various desired fillings .
Now add 1 big drop of the Tamarind Chutney.(those who like only spicy and not sweet,like me, can avoid adding it)
And finally dip filled puri into the chilled pani and there it goes... the crispy-spicy-sweet puri crushing into your mouth. YUMMY...

1) If you find your Puri's a bit soft, don't worry, just microwave them for half a minute, oil will sizzle and they will be hot. Let them cool and they are ready,crispy again.
2) Stir the pani well before dipping the puri's, else as you can see from the snaps too, the spices tend to settle at the bottom.

Sending this to FIC: YELLOW hosted by sunshinemom at Toungeticklers.
And also to Just for u at Sindi Rasoi.
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Unknown said...

oh drooling now..

Sunshinemom said...

Lovely pani puris, Neha! I love them too but hardly ever make them at home as we have a bhaiya nearby who makes awesome paani!

anudivya said...

I love them, but am too lazy to make all the components, so I normally get the pani puri kit. :)

soma said...

These are an any time fav. & I one of those food that I miss the most.

Actually this is the first time, I heard anyone call it "puchka" outside bengal. Whenever I say "phuckhka" no one seem to know what it is...

notyet100 said...

wow this looks so yum,..een i don have sweet tooth,..:-)wish u nd ur family appy new yr,

Neha said...

@sowmya, Anytime it makes us drool...hehe

@sunshinemon, u are so lucky.., myself really jealous..

@anudivya, yep it takes a bit effort, but really worth it..

@soma, may be b'coz, i too somewhat belong to kolkatta,(have lots n lots of relatives there)

@priyanka, thanx dear n wish u the same..

suvi said...

Hey, i am so happy to stumble upon a blogger from sg! And I am drooling thinking about the calcutta puchkas. Nothing quite stacks upto cal puchkas or churmur, does it?

Pavithra Kodical said...

Hi Neha...Thanks for dropping by and sweet comment :) I also used to eat pani puri in bangalore and used to ask for more pani to drink :)

Uma said...

mmm. delicious pani puri! So tempting. Happy new year dear!

Archy said...

WOw, i;m just drolling.. pani puri looks so nice.. Love it !!
Happy New year !!

Yasmeen said...

I miss the spicy chaat bhandars ,tangy pani puri are such a tasty treat:)

Vibaas said...

Very tempting. can i have some? :)

Usha said...

Looks perfect and so very tempting!

Uj said...

Wow... looks delicious. Even I miss pani puri a lot. We do not get the ready made puri's either. So this Diwali I teamed up with my friend and made some. It was amazing as we all had it after a really long time.

Ashwini said...

My first time here and as soon as I saw Pani puri , my mouth started watering...I really miss the pani puri's backhome.. It looks delicious.. it is a must try ...

Cham said...

Looks perfect ur pani puri . Happy New Year!

Malar Gandhi said...

Miss pani poori a lot and even my friends & fun!:(

Mrs.Kannan said...

Waw pani poori looks great just like the one we get in street stalls

DK said...

Gol Gappas in atreet corners are a special treat indeed.! Miss those days :)

lubnakarim06 said...

wow pani poori...Tempting and tickling to palate recipe... I too love Pani poori in jayanagar. r u talking the one near the canara bank...

Sum Raj said...

my fav chaat..u make me drool..

Lakshmi said...

It is a nicer way to start new year by making us drool over those fuchkas.. gee..Happy New Year to you

Sharmila said...

What a spread Neha!Am going to try making the puris with your recipe. :-)

Vaishali said...

Neha, paani puris are an old favorite, but I don't get to eat them as much here. These are making me very hungry: they look divine!

phanitha said...

Thanks neha...I sure will link it back to you..

Roochi said...

yum yum yummy... nice pic...

Linn said...

Looks great! I made Dahi Puri this week too, please have a look!
There you'll also find a link to my cooking show Swedish Home Cooking. Enjoy! Linn

asha said...

hi neha,
I am new to singapore & stumbled upon your blog.Great to read your receipes.Can you please tell me is there anyone or place where I can pick up ready puris for paani puri here in Singapore.I have tried every indian store here & only in mustafa I found a box which was a disaster for me.Any suggestions would be appreciated.thanks

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