Tuesday, July 1

Its Aryan's b'day

Today Aryan turned four,my god i can't believe i have such a big boy(as he always says for himself...:) )
We celebrated his b'day in his school, with his friends, as par his wish. It was nice to see so many small small kids in the class ( i don't understand how these teachers manage them though..)

Can see here Aryan, Myself and my younger one , Anuj..


delhibelle said...

A very Happy Birthday to Aryan, hugs to lil Anuj and congratulations to the proud mama !

Indian Khana said...

Very Happy (Belated) Birthday to Aryan...hope you all had fun..

Neha said...

thanx delhibelle n priti,
my son goes to PAP school..

Sunshinemom said...

Happy birthday - I know its a proud moment for us too:) Just to watch them grow:)

SpicyTasty said...

My wishes to ur son. Yeah, we always cannot believe us getting older day by day. :)

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