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Summer drinks: Mattha and kairee panha

Here comes two summer drinks, which are popular in almost every indian household, north or south; its just they have different names in different regions.

One is Kairee Panha, Raw mango Juice. The Mango ,the “King of Fruit”,is something we really miss sometimes in singapore. Though we get mangoes here throughout the year,but the taste quality,variety and its availablity in summer months is really what we miss.About panna ,during the summer months this is a great refreshing drink. Mostly taken with afternoon meals or can have as such throughout the day.

And the other is Mattha, Spiced up buttermilk, it's an Indian drink made from curd or yogurt. Buttermilk is said to have a cooling effect on the body. It also helps in digestion of food and hence, normally consumed at the end of the meal.
Originally it used to be made as a by-product of churning butter. The liquid that resulted was drunk as a cure for stomachaches or just as a refreshing drink in the hot weather. More recently, it has been made using thinned-out yoghurt.Though still the original one not redundant.

So, here comes Kairee Panha,


2 Raw mangoes,
1\2 cup sugar,
1 tbsp pepper powder,
1 tbsp kala namak,
1 tbsp roasted cumin powder,
Lemon juice (optional)
Salt to taste.


Peel the mango, throw away the green skin. Chop mango into one inch chunks.
In a pan, place the mango, sugar and 1/2 a cup of water.
Boil till the mango is soft. Cool.
Blend in a blender till smooth. Sieve this mixture.
Bring to boil, stirring continuously.
Take it off the heat. Cool.
Add cumin powder, kala namak and salt to taste.
Check if the mixture is sour enough for you. If not add a little lemon juice according to your taste. This is a concentrated form of the drink to make the drink follow the directions below.
The pulp may be stored in the freezer for over a month.

To make a glass of refreshing "Panha"

Take a 3 4 tablespoon of the mixture. Add it to a to a
glass of chilled water ,top it up with ice cubes and mix well. Enjoy !

Now comes spiced one, Mattha.


½ cup Yoghurt
1 cup Water
1 inch Ginger
1-2 Green Chillies, finely chopped
1 tsp roasted cumin seeds,
Salt to taste
Chopped corriander for garnishing


Beat the yoghurt and add water to it to make smooth buttermilk.
Add more water if it’s too thick.
Smash ginger. Take in a muslin cloth. Dip like a pouch in the butter milk and rub the ginger in it with fingers, so that the juice mixes in the buttermilk and fiber remains in the cloth.
Add all above ingredients to buttermilk and mix well.
Serve chilled.

Another way to have it is ,
Heat oil in a small pan, add the musturd seeds, curry leaves ,1 chilli halved and asafoetida. Pour into the above prepared buttermilk.
Serve chilled.


I'm sending Kairee panha to Sweet Cool Desserts
And to SWC: Maharashtrian Cuisine
And also to WBB Summer feast.
And Panha to WYF juices n icecream along with Mattha.


Indian Khana said...

super cool drink for hot summer..gud entry

Poonam said...

Ahh! that picture remind me of my summers in India especially when we would visit my aunt who lives in the city of Pune.

notyet100 said...

nice one for the event,..never tried kairi panha,,,now lookin at pic feel like tryin...

Trupti said...

both drinks looks very healthy & refreshing, Neha

Unknown said...

Both the drinks are new to me... would definitly like to try.. they look so refreshing!!

Unknown said...

lovely both of them..very refreshing!!

Vaidehi Bhave said...

wow... Refreshing Summer drinks.. Pics look awesome

delhibelle said...

you have picked two of the best summer drinks ever, Neha..look lovely!

EC said...

Perfect summer drinks...thanks for participating

SpicyTasty said...

Great drinks for summer. Should be refreshing.

Alpa said...

Ooooh, they both look so tempting in all this Texas heat!

PatriCa BB said...

Whoa! Very special drinks. Mmmm.. I should give it a try!

Purva Desai said...

Seeing ur entries for SWC - Maharashtra....I am just missing mumbai...
Panna is my favourite and mattha we call it masala chaas....

Anisheetu said...

Wonderful round up yaar... u have an award on my blog...

Anisheetu said...

Nice click...

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