Wednesday, July 2

Healthy Oat Dosa (pancakes)

Being a mother of two small fuzzy eater kids, i am always searching for something or the other healthy food to feed them.I heard oats are very good for them as they are full of protein and are fibre rich (can see about its nutrional value here and here).But feeding them ..???

I found this recipe(in a forum by Deepa), and thought its worth try.It makes a really yummy breakfast, Easy to make, very filling and so healthy too.

We too had this, i should say, we didn't felt it extra ordinary yummy(actually i don't have the taste buds for oats yet), but if we consider its nutritional value too, then i must say its real tasty..


250gm Rolled Oats
50gm Sooji (semolina)
Green chilli 2
Ginger 1 inch
Coriander leaves 2 tbsp ,chopped
onions 1 medium, chopped(optional)
Salt to taste


Soak oats for 30 mins. Drain all the water. Grind it with 1-2 green chillis and a little bit of ginger, without adding much water. Dough should be around the idli-dough consistency. Add around 50gm semolina to the grinded dough, and add salt to taste.
Add corinader leaves and chopped onions.
Thats it, dough is ready.
Make thick dosas(pancakes) with the oats dough. Serve hot, with coriander chutney or tomoto ketchup.

Variations: You can add firm veggies (like grated carrots) or mashed veggies (like mashed broccoli ), to make it even crunchy, yummy and healthier too.

Wanna know more about these Healthy Oats, do check here.

I'm sending this to Healthy Recipes event , hosted by Mansi of funnfud


Indian Khana said...

Look healthy...we prepare Atta dosa the same way...replace oats with wheat flour...

delhibelle said...

Does it taste somewhat like rava dosa ?
BTW, which school does Aryan go to, my son's current Best buddy in school is also Aryan !

bha said...

loved the idea of an oats dosa....nice variation for breakfast

notyet100 said...

looks healthy///nd good for breakfast

Neha said...

@priti, 'll try that version too sometime..:)
Aryan goes to PAP, nearest to our house, n these dosas though looking a bit like rava ones, but taste different,
@bhags, thanx , a nice n healthy variation
do try n tell how they came, god for advay too :)

KALVA said...

Yep i make ragi dosa.., here you have oast dosa.. lovely @ healthy///

Madhavi said...

Hummm nice healthy dosa, looks great, tasty!!!

Sunshinemom said...

Similar to Rava dosa but I guess the stickiness in the oats must have made it easier - I go through this too - searching for healthy recipes that go well with the kids:) Will try this:)

SpicyTasty said...

Helthy dosa. Looks yummy......

Unknown said...

Havent tried oats dosa..will try ur recipe..thanks for sharing

Uma said...

nice idea to use oats for a dosa! Looks so delicious Neha!

Lakshmi said...

Nice variation to regular dosas. Thanks for sharing.

Anisheetu said...

This is new for me... healthy for breakfast will try soon... :)

Bhawana said...

this is very healthy. I dont like oat in milk, but I can prepare this for sure. Thanks for sharing.

Shifa AbduRehman said...

wow! i love this.. i'll sure try this and let u know.. Im a big fan of oats and i usually make it 2-3 times a week!!

Prajusha said...

this looks delicious and perfect for a healthy breakfast.

Unknown said...

I just came across your blog from blogcatalog and the heading "oats dosa" really made me curious and wanted to visit your page immediately.It really sounds like a quick and healthy dosa recipe.Iam a new blogger and i hunt down for healthy lunch ideas for my son.
I would definitely try out this recipe sometime soon.
Thanks for sharing.

Mansi said...

sounds great Neha! and great for the kids:) thanks for sending it over:)

Usha said...

sounds great Neha,would love to try it..........and soon

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